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Rexroth A8V172 seal 62*85*7

This is high Pressure radial shaft seal BABSL10FX2, 62*85*7 ,Viton, mainly used in Shaft of Hydraulic pump such as :Rexroth A8V172,A8V200,A2F160, those pumps usually are usred in roader roller, land scraper, shovel loader, self-discharging car, mixer truck and excavators etc. 


Medium pressure seals, such as the BABSL, can be used in many applications including pumps and motors in hydro-units, mechanical power transmission gearboxes, and 2-stroke engines. However in conventional seal designs, as pressure increases the seal life dramatically decreases due to atypical seal wear that is caused by pressure distortion of the seal lip geometry and increased friction at the contact point. The BABSL minimizes those problems over a wide range of operating conditions.


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high pressure seal BABSL10FX2 62*85*7 for Rexroth A8V172,A8V200,A2F160

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  • high pressure seal BABSL10FX2 62*85*7 for Rexroth A8V172,A8V200,A2F160



    62*85*7 or 62x85x7 or 62-85-7





    Application in Hydraulic Pump/Motor :

    Rexroth A8V172,A8V200,A2F160,


    Packing details:

    Paper rolls or single paper box with cartons

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