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High pressure shaft seal 53*90*10 /TCN oil seal

This is Hydraulic pump Shaft seal 53*90*10 OR 53-90-10 OR 53X90X10, mainly used in Shaft of Hydraulic pump, especially is hydraulica pump / mortors  , those pumps usually are usred in roader roller, land scraper, shovel loader, self-discharging car, mixer truck and excavators etc. 


High pressure seals, such as the Type TCN, is designed for high pressure applications where continuous pressure may reach 150psi(10.6kg/cm2). Maximum pressure limit is dependent on shaft speed.


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High pressure shaft seal 53*90*10 /TCN oil seal

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  • High pressure shaft seal 53*90*10 /TCN oil seal



    53*90*10 OR 53-90-10 OR 53X90X10





    Application in Hydraulic Pump/Motor:


    Packing details:

    Paper rolls or single paper box with cartons

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